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Creating a Student Initiated Project

Service-Learning Student Initiated Project (SIP)

Student Initiated Projects (SIPs) are for students choosing to design their own service-learning project. Service-Learning cannot be held liable or responsible for student-initiated service projects. It is imperative that the faculty member and student ensure the service project meets course learning objectives and is in accordance with Boise State University Service-Learning policies*. 

ImportantBefore you begin this process, you must have already established contact with an organization and discussed with them the details of your service project. Remember, this is a partnership between you and the community organization; this partnership must be established before the Student Initiated Project web form is filled out.

Pro Tip: download a version of the form and take it with you when you meet with the organization to ensure you cover the necessary information when planning your service project.

Information to keep in mind as you decide on a service project:

  • Know and understand the goals of your Service-Learning.  What does your instructor hope you will get out of your experience?
  • Carefully select your service site. Consider these factors:
    – What community issue(s) interests you?
    – What project would provide you with the greatest learning opportunity (go outside the box!)?
    – When are you available to serve (evenings, days, weekends)?
    – What are your location and transportation needs?
  • Be persistent and don’t procrastinate. Don’t expect an immediate response from the organization you’d like to work with, however, do contact Service-Learning staff if you don’t hear back within three days. Plan your service hours ahead of time, schedule your hours like you would a job or class time. Be consistent and honor your commitments.
  • Check out our Top Ten Tips for Student Initiated Projects

Ready to propose a Student Initiated Project for your Service-Learning?
Follow the process below:

  1. Complete this web form (or download a paper version) in conjunction with your community partner and faculty. This form will need to be approved by both the community partner and your faculty.
  2. Use a paper time log sheet to log your time.

*Policy Note: The service site must be a non-profit or government agency that addresses a community need.  The service site must carry liability insurance covering volunteers. Please review Risk & Safety guidelines. Students are not allowed to count SL hours for activities that are paid, involve lobbying or require religious instruction and/or worship.