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Full P-Card Service

Shared Services provides full-service P-Card assistance from purchasing goods to following up on product shipment and P-Card reconciliation of those purchases at the end of each month. We sign off on our purchases weekly to avoid slowdowns at the end of the month and ensure funds are allocated to the correct funding string. We fully understand university policies and processes and ensure that purchases remain in compliance – mitigating risk and slowdowns for you and your department.

Full P-Card Service Process Flow

Printable/downloadable full P-Card service process flowchart (PDF)

  1. Department submits order request with Shared Services via Smartsheet Intake Form with funding string included.
  2. Shared Services makes purchase using P-Card ensuring compliance with university policies and procedures.
  3. Shared Services updates (>weekly) BofA Works lines – funding String and business reason.
  4. Shared Services reconciles Works statement to receipts (confirm receipt is in folder).
  5. Shared Services signs off and submits for approval in Works with Shared Services approver (monthly).