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Invoice Payment Submittals (Non-PO)

Shared Services provides invoice payment submittal services to all campus departments. We are committed to excellence, ensuring prompt follow up and accuracy of information. We have streamlined the non-PO invoice submittal process as one of our featured services. Utilizing the Shared Services intake form Invoice Payment Submittal option will save you time and ensures accuracy and timely request completion. For a smooth submittal, Shared Services requires a copy of the invoice, the business purpose and the correct funding string. Departments will be responsible for any correction entry errors if the incorrect funding string was provided to Shared Services.

Invoice Payment Submittal (Non-PO) Process Flow

Printable/downloadable Invoice Payment Submittal process flowchart (PDF)

  1. Department submits request with Shared Services via Smartsheet Intake Form. Required information includes invoice, business purpose and funding string.
  2. Shared Services reviews requests identifying the attached invoice, business purpose and the correct funding string.
  3. Shared Services completes invoice payment submittal via Bronco Hub ensuring accuracy and timely completion. In certain occasions when permitted, Shared Services will utilize a P-Card payment.
  4. Invoice goes through the appropriate workflow approvals.
  5. Invoice pulls for payment: Tuesday (ACH), Thursday (ACH and check).
  6. Invoice is in fully paid status.