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P-Card Light Service

This service allows departments to do their own P-Card purchasing but provides reconciliation at the end of each month. We work closely with you to verify receipts and other P-Card documentation match the P-Card Holder Statement and meet compliance and auditing standards.

P-Card Light Service Process Flow

Printable/downloadable P-Card light service process flowchart (PDF)

  1. Department places and manages orders with suppliers.
  2. Department submits funding information file to Shared Services.
  3. Shared Services downloads receipts from vendors and uploads to shared folder.
  4. Shared Services updates (>weekly) BofA Works lines – funding string and business reason (Shared Services has permissions granted).
  5. Shared Services reconciles Works statement to receipts (confirm receipt is in folder).
  6. Shared Services signs off and submits for approval in Works (monthly).
  7. Department completes internal review.
  8. Department reviews and approves in Works.
  9. Department gets expense authorizer signature.