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Staying Active

It’s easy to get so caught up in class work that you forget to take care of yourself. Staying active is an important part of a balanced life: it helps you fight illnesses, reduces stress, boosts your energy and can even help you meet people.

Rec Center

Exercise can be an especially powerful tool in reducing stress and anxiety, and managing mental health. The Rec Center has fitness classes, outdoor trips, a pool, a basketball court, and of course a ton of weights and machines to work out on.

Full-time students already have a membership.

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Fitness Programs

If you want some structure to your workouts, the Rec Center has free fitness classes available for you to drop in. They also offer paid classes for a premium experience – smaller classes and one-on-one feedback from highly trained instructors. They even have personal trainers.

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Outdoor Programs

If you’re interested in the outdoors, there are some amazing opportunities for you at the Outdoor Program. They do outdoor trips you can sign up for, a ton of rental gear like water and river gear, winter gear, camping, backpacking, hiking, or climbing gear. There’s also the indoor climbing gym in the Rec Center for you to practice on.

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Intramural Sports

Intramural Sports provide competition on campus for the recreational and competitive athlete. Get a group of friends together and register as a team in one of our leagues.

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Club Sports

The Club Sports program includes 21 competitive teams that compete in local, regional, and national competitions. This program is like the clubs you may have participated in growing up: teams practice regularly, have non-player coaches, and compete with other universities for conference championships.

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BroncoFit Activities Courses

BroncoFit activity courses are a perfect way to fit regular activity into your routine. They’re offered through the Department of Kinesiology, and they’re pass/fail courses that teach you basics skills and encourage physical activity as a lifestyle. Everyone is welcome in these classes, no matter your major or your skill level.