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Correcting Entry Matrix

See the matrix below to determine the appropriate process for the type of correction needed.

Important Note: With HCM go live, correcting entry processes have changed and are currently being re-evaluated. The information outlined below is the latest correcting entry guidance as of December 2022.

What are you trying to do?

Correct Payroll Expenses

1. Correct payroll expenses (ie salary and fringe allocations) that have already posted

2. Correct missing fringe payroll postings

If you notice missing fringe amounts, no action is needed from you. The Controller’s Office is taking a holistic approach to reconcile payroll and determine the journal entry postings at a funding source level; the Controller’s Office will post entries needed to correct the missing fringe.     

Request a Department Deposit, Reallocation, Surplus Transfer or change in accounting on an Accounts Receivable Billing Transaction

Please note: if revisions are needed for a Transact Campus item code, please use the Marketplace All in One Form to request an update in addition to submitting the Journal Entry Request.

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