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Bronco Hub FAQs


What is Bronco Hub?

Bronco Hub is the financial system at Boise State (previously called Oracle Financials Cloud/OFC). Watch this introductory video to learn more.

How do I access Bronco Hub?

Bronco Hub can be accessed from myBoiseState Employee Services. For more information on using the myBoiseState Employee Services, check out this resource from OIT.

What is Me, My Team, My Organization?

Me: tasks that relate to you as an employee
My Team: tasks related to your direct reports as a supervisor
My Organization: tasks that individuals in administrative roles complete on behalf of their Department or Boise State

Why is there only one icon listed under My Team?

Currently, Worklist is the only icon under My Team because HCM has not gone live. Once HCM goes live you will see more icons. My Team is primarily where supervisors will go to complete actions for their direct reports.

What is Boise State Reporting?

Boise State reporting is the University’s one stop shop for reporting. Financial, HR and Student reports can be generated via Boise State Reporting.

Who do I reach out to for support with Bronco Hub?

Submit a ticket to the Office of Continuous Improvement using the OCI Service Request

HCM (Human Resources) Actions FAQs

Where can I learn more about HCM FAQs?

Read through HCM FAQs by topic (e.g. time and absence, direct deposit, work schedules).

Approval Workflow FAQs

What is the Approval Workflow?

Bronco Hub approval workflow is the automated routing of submitted financial transactions or HR actions to predetermined approvers and processors.

There are three types of approval workflows in Bronco Hub.

  1. Budget transfer
  2. Financial transaction
  3. Human resource actions

What are Budget Transfers and who are the approvers?

Budget transfers are requests to move either Base (permanent) or One Time appropriated budget, between accounts or between FDCCs.

View Budget Transfer approvers for your area here.

Learn more about Budget Transfers here.

What are Financial Transactions and who are the approvers?

Financial transactions include the following:

  • Expense Reports
  • Requisition
  • Invoice Payments
  • Digital Payments

Who is included in the approval work for Bronco Hub financial transactions?

The standard approval workflow for financial transactions includes the following individuals:

  1. The supervisor of the transaction requester
  2. The funding source person for the funding department
  3. Transactions involving project funds will route to the Principle Investigator (PI)
  4. Transactions greater than $9,999 route to the Department Head, Chair, or Director
  5. Transactions greater than $24,999 route to the Dean or Associate Vice President
  6. Transactions greater than $49,999 route to the Vice President

View Financial Transaction approvers for your area.

What are Human Resource Actions and who are the approvers?

There are three standard approval workflows for HR actions completed in Bronco Hub.

  1. Employee Self Service (Me). Submitted time cards and absence (time off) requests route to the line manager/supervisor of the employee. Approved time cards route to HR for processing.
  2. Manager Self Service (My Team / My Organization). Submitted requests for additional assignments, employee data changes, employee salary changes, hiring graduate assistants and hiring temporary and non benefit eligible employees route through the Manager Self Service Standard Approval Workflow.
  3. Individual Compensation (ICP) / Additional Pay. Submitted ICP requests route to the Funding Source Manager (FSM) of the initiator’s department then Human Resources. Provost is also added to the approval workflow if the ICP is submitted for a faculty member.

How do I check the approval status of a submitted financial transaction?

Run the Transaction Approval Dashboard  to identify the approval status of financial transactions.

I'm a Bronco Hub approver and I’m going on vacation, can someone else approve transactions while I’m gone?

Yes! Follow the instructions on the Delegating Bronco Hub Approval Workflow Actions job aid.

How will I know if a Bronco Hub action needs my approval?

Bronco Hub approvers receive a system generated email when an action needs their review and approval. Approvers can Approver, Reject or Request Additional information via the system generated email. Approvers can also login to Bronco Hub and view pending approval tasks via the Bronco Hub Worklist.

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