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Bronco Hub FAQs

Bronco Hub FAQs

What is Bronco Hub?

Bronco Hub is the financial & HR processing system at Boise State. Watch this introductory video to learn more.

How do I access Bronco Hub?

Bronco Hub can be accessed from myBoiseState Employee Services. For more information on using the myBoiseState Employee Services, check out this resource from OIT.

Who do I reach out to for support with Bronco Hub?

Submit a ticket to the Office of Continuous Improvement using the OCI Service Request

Approval Workflow FAQs

What is the Approval Workflow?

Bronco Hub approval workflow is the automated routing of submitted financial transactions or HR actions to predetermined approvers and processors.

There are three types of approval workflows in Bronco Hub.

  1. Budget transfer
  2. Financial transaction
  3. Human resource actions

Learn more about each of the approval workflows here.

I'm a Bronco Hub approver and I’m going on vacation, can someone else approve transactions while I’m gone?

Yes! Follow the instructions on the Delegating Bronco Hub Approval Workflow Actions job aid.

How will I know if a Bronco Hub action needs my approval?

Bronco Hub approvers receive a system generated email when an action needs their review and approval. Approvers can Approver, Reject or Request Additional information via the system generated email. Approvers can also login to Bronco Hub and view pending approval tasks via the Bronco Hub Worklist.

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