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Standard Approval Workflow for Manager Self Service Actions

Step 1

The initiator submits a Manager Self Service HR action in Bronco Hub.

Step 2

The MSS action routes to the Line Manager forĀ  review and approval.

Step 3

The MSS action routes to the Funding Source Manager (FSM) for review and approval. Each HR department ID has an FSM assigned. If the HR action includes grant funds, the FSM must Ad-Hoc route the action to the assigned Principal Investigator (PI) for review and approval.

Step 4

Once approved by the Line Manager and the FSM, the action is routes to HR for approval.

During this step, the action may be routed to the Graduate College if the transaction has job codes 49121, 49120, 49112, 49110, 49111, 49181 and 49180.

Step 5

Once approved by HR, the action routes to the College/Division Approval Group. Each area has the opportunity to designate up to three representatives to act as College/Division Approver representatives.

Step 6 (if faculty)

The action also routes to the Provost’s Office if the HR action is completed on a faculty member.