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University P-Card is the preferred purchasing method for goods and services.

P-Card purchases are generally up to $2,999 per transaction.

Review Authorized and Unauthorized P-Card Purchases for more details.

Policy 6140: P-Card




P-Card Resources

Getting Started

What do I need to know before getting started?

  • The university purchasing card (or P-Card) is a corporate liability Visa card issued by Bank of America.
  • The University is responsible for bill payment while cardholders and departments are responsible for managing the card.
  • P-Card may be used for business purchases in compliance with university policy.
  • A P-Card is provided to employees based on business need; it is not an entitlement nor reflective of title or position.

Training Opportunities

P-Card training is held via Zoom on the second Wednesday of every month from 1 – 2 p.m.

The December 2023 training will be held Tuesday, December 12 from 11 a.m. to noon.

Please follow this link (Meeting ID: 990 2096 4858 Passcode: 430296) to access the Zoom session. Please also make sure you are signed into your myBoiseState account to access this meeting.

Visit the Bronco Hub Training Calendar to view training opportunities.

Job Aids

Works Quick Reference Guides

P-Card Management and Procedure


Reports and Roles

Works Reports and Roles for Managing Department P-Card Expenses

All Works users have access to Works reports. Department staff responsible for overseeing budgets and expenses can request access to Works for running reports, viewing or editing of transactions by contacting the university P-Card administrator (or email View the Works Reports and Roles page to learn more about the reports and roles available in Works.

Payables – Campus Transaction Dashboard

Run the Payables – Campus Transaction Dashboard to view P-Card transaction details like transaction number, payment status, payment amount and funding segment string used to code the transaction. ProTip: Set the Pay Group search field to P-CARD to filter just these transactions.

Confirm the accuracy of the funding segment string used for all P-Card transactions. If an incorrect segment string was used to code a P-Card transaction that has a transaction number, a Payables Correction must be submitted. If a P-Card correction is needed for an item that does not have a transaction number, a Journal Entry must be submitted. Visit Financial Transaction Corrections for more information.

Budget vs Actuals Reports

Run the Budget vs Actuals (BvA) Reports at least once per month to monitor department-specific financial activity for combinations of funding segment string values by fund. For more information about BvA Reporting, visit Financial Reporting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request a P-Card?

My card My card is lost or stolen. What do I do?

For lost or stolen P-Cards, contact Bank of America at 1-800-300-3084. If you don’t know your card number, press 0.

I’m a P-Card approver, what should I be aware of?

You can find tools and references for P-Card approvers by visiting the P-Card Tools and References page.

Can an employee use a P-Card during business travel?

Visit the P-Card and Travel page for details.

What P-Card Due Dates should I know about?

Visit the P-Card Due Date page for details.

How do I know which account code to use?

Look it up in the All Segments Value Report under the Accounts tab. You can also go to Bronco Hub, My Organization to find this report.

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