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Spoken by:

75 million people worldwide

Countries where Korean is Spoken:

South Korea, North Korea, Japan, China

Why Study Korean?

  • “Korean is the 17th most widely spoken language in the world with approx. 80 Million native speakers. South Korea is also the 13th largest economy in the world and it’s a beautiful and dynamic country.”
    – “Top 10 Reasons to Learn the Korean Language
  • “Learning Korean can also help you strengthen personal relationships with Korean-speaking friends or loved ones. Your friends will appreciate your effort to learn a new language, and they will be excited to help you practice and improve.”
    – “5 Outstanding Reasons to Learn Korean
  • “Korean is highly prized by agencies ranging from the CIA and the Department of State to the U.S. Military and the NSA, all of which actively seek out candidates who can speak Korean and know the workings of Korean culture.”
    – “Lead with Korean
  • “After learning Korean, you will be able to understand your favourite K-pop song lyrics and Korean drama dialogues better. Though you can still enjoy them using English subtitles, understanding Korean language will take the pleasure to another level as you will be able to understand subtle nuances and emotions.”
    – “Top 10 Reasons to Learn Korean Language

Learn More about Studying Korean at Boise State

Hear from Yookyung Lee, adjunct instructor of Korean, about the kinds of events, activities, and learning that the Korean Studies Program offers to students. This video is available with captions and a transcript.


Korean Programatic Offerings

Featured Students

Bilingual Broncos

Korean Cultural Events

Boise State Korean Program organizes many cultural events and workshops for Boise State students and faculty members to learn and experience Korean heritage culture.

Korean Kim-bap Making Event

One of our favorite cultural events is making Korean Kim-bap, which is so fun and delicious!
Get Invovled

Korean Club

Boise State Korean Club is a student group on campus to represent and celebrate the Korean community. Our club’s main goal is to learn more about Korean culture together! We have multiple events planned throughout the school year to help introduce and celebrate the Korean language, culture and Korean community! Some of those events include a Korean Thanksgiving BBQ, Korean New Year’s party, and a K-POP Halloween night. Our events are open to anyone interested in Korea.

Learn More about Korean Club

News & Updates

Korean Club Celebrates Lunar New Year
Two Boise State Korean Students Participate in Quiz on Korea
Korean 102 and 202 Students Compete in Sixth Korean Speech Contest
Korean Club Hosts Annual BBQ Event