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Open Educational Resources for Language Teaching and Learning

Inclusive, Innovative, and Free to Use

Many faculty, staff and students in the Department of World Languages are working to create inclusive, innovative, and free to use OER teaching materials for the world language classroom. Explore this page to learn more about the great work taking place!

What are Open Educational Resources?

Open Educational Resources are textbooks, articles, activities, images, data, video, code and more that are in the public domain or released under an open license. They are free in digital and other forms for anyone to use and adapt without an expiration date.

At Boise State, open educational resources (OER) are free, openly-licensed materials that permit use, revision, and redistribution. While the benefits of OER are available to all learners and educators, OER draws on the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion. As such, it is developed for the empowerment and with the participation of marginalized learners who may be underrepresented in educational contexts.

Français inclusif: An Interactive Textbook

Created by a K-16 team of French instructors and an instructional designer, Français inclusif is available as a complete curriculum for first-year and second-year French. The team not only revised and remixed an existing OER text, but also created significant ancillary materials including assessments, task-based activities, cultural reflections, slide decks, and embedded authentic materials. Materials for French 202 will be released during the winter of 2023/2024. The group was named a finalist for the 2023 Boise State’s Presidential Innovation Award.

Team Members:

    • Mariah Devereux Herbeck, Project Co-Director, Professor of French, Boise State
    • Amber Hoye, Project Co-Director,  Director of World Languages Resource Center, Boise State
    • Brittney Gehrig, Lecturer of French, Boise State
    • Madelynn Ruhter, French Instructor at Capital High School
    • Sharon Westbrook, French Instructor at Riverglen Junior High
Boise State University Exhibit

Hostile Terrain 94

A digital interactive experience recreating the Boise State University exhibition that details the dangers of undocumented migration in the Southern US border.

Explore the experience
An Immersive Experience

"La noche boca arriba"

Experience the Julio Cortázar short story, “La noche boca arriba,”in an immersive storytelling experience.

Team Members:

  • Manuel Gómez, PhD, Project Co-Director, and Head Designer, Adjunct of Spanish, Boise State.
  • Alvaro Llosa-Sanz, PhD, Project Co-Director, Associate Professor of Spanish, University of Oslo, Norway.
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Llamadas: Español presentacional nivel intermedio-avanzado

An introduction to Spanish grammar and writing (presentational Spanish); readings; assessments; etc.

Team Members:

  • Carolina Viera, PhD, Project Co-Director, Associate Professor of Spanish
  • Manuel Gómez, PhD, Project Co-Director, and Head Designer, Lecturer of Spanish
  • Miriam Fahnstrom, Designing Assistant
Cover of Llamadas

View Llamadas

The Pathways Project

Teachers and students participating in the Pathways Project come from different fields of study and schools across Idaho to create openly licensed activities that support the teaching and learning of foreign languages and promote intercultural competence. The Project hosts more than 800 ancillary activities, 20 student projects, and 5 Let’s Chat! Pressbook titles.

Team Members:

  • Kelly Arispe, Project Co-Director, Associate Professor of Spanish
  • Amber Hoye, Project Co-Director, Director of World Languages Resource Center
  • K-16 Language Instructors from across the state of Idaho
  • Interdisciplinary students including language majors, minors and pre-service teacehrs
Visit the Pathways Project Site

Spanish Curriculum

The following course curriculum was created by Manuel Gómez-Navarro, PhD.

Spanish 304 webpage screenshot

SPAN 304 Introduction to Hispanic Literature- Website/Workbook: Introduction to authors, and literary movements; readings; assessments, etc.

Screenshot of Spanish 377 page

SPAN377 Latin America Civilization & Culture- Website/Workbook: Introduction to socio-political topics; readings; assessments; etc.

You Speak Korean!

You Speak Korean! series was developed and implemented using an Open Educational Resources (OER) platform to offer a more comprehensive learning experience for students during and after remote instruction. Following new task-supported models at the beginning level, this curriculum provides a systematic roadmap and scaffolded instruction with which to transition from perception-based to production-based tasks that adhere to the NCSSFL-ACTFL’s Can-Do Statements (2017), while also connecting students’ in-class learning experiences with outside-of-class tasks. Both the textbook and workbook including Integrated Performance Tasks focusing on the development of the three modes of communication and intercultural competence.

Team Members:

  • Yookyung Lee, Korean Instructor, Boise State University
  • Haewon Cho, Project Director, Director of Korean Language Program, University of Pennsylvania

  • Emily Curtis, Senior Instructor, Western Washington University

  • Soohee Kim, Instructor, Concordia Korean Language Village

  • Angela Lee-Smith, Senior Lector, Yale University

  • Mijeong Kim, Teaching Professor of Korean Language, Washington University.

  • Siwon Lee, Korean Lecturer, University of Pennsylvania

  • Eunae Kim, Korean Lecturer, University of Pennsylvania

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