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Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeals

Students who are not meeting Boise State financial aid expectations for PACE (67% completion), GPA (2.0 SAP cumulative GPA), or Max Time Frame (attempting more than the max number of credits for your degree) can submit an appeal to the Financial Aid Office to request their eligibility for federal financial aid restored.  There is no guarantee that the appeal will be approved.

To be considered for a SAP appeal a student must demonstrate extenuating circumstances which include: hospitalization or medical condition of the student, unexpected death or hospitalization of an immediate family member, house fire, or victim of a violent crime. While employment is not considered an extenuating circumstance, work issues beyond your control may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

To complete the appeal, follow these steps

1. Complete the “Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal” form

Select either Pace/GPA or Max Time appeal. Review the following sections for differences in the two types of appeals

Pace/GPA Appeals

A Pace/GPA appeal includes making a plan for which semesters you plan to enroll and the minimum number of credits you plan to take those semesters. If your appeal is approved, this plan cannot be changed without additional approval from the Financial Aid office. Your appeal will be automatically denied if it is mathematically impossible for your plan to get you back into good financial aid standing within four semesters. If you have questions about creating your plan, we recommend meeting with an academic advisor.

Download Pace/GPA Appeals Form (PDF)

Max Time Appeals

A Max Time appeal includes making a plan for the required courses you have left to complete to earn your degree. If your appeal is approved, this plan cannot be changed. You must complete this with your academic advisor for your major. An advisor signature is required to submit this form.

Download Max Time Appeals Form (PDF)

2. Write a letter

Write a letter that includes the following. The letter can be up to two pages.

  • Explain how your circumstances affected your academic progress
  • Include dates or a timeline of any specific events
  • Describe how the situation has been resolved
  • Describe your academic goals/plans and any specific strategies for success (tutoring, taking fewer credits, meeting regularly with advisors or professors, etc.)
  • If this is not your first SAP Appeal, explain what is different about this appeal

3. Include documentation

Include any documentation that relates to the circumstances you discussed in your letter. Appeals will be denied if you do not include documentation for a circumstance that is documentable.

  • Proof of doctor’s visit, hospital stays, etc. with dates
  • Death certificate or obituary
  • Police reports
  • Letter from doctor, counselor, or lawyer on official letterhead
  • Military orders

4. Submit appeal

Appeals for Spring semester are due January 27, 2020. Completed Appeals can be turned into the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office, Administration Building Room 113 or