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Advanced Bioanthropology Lab Group

The Anthropology Department’s Bioanthropology Laboratory provides opportunities for student training in advanced methodology and hands-on observation and micro-and macro-analysis of skeletal and dental remains.

What will you learn from participating in this lab group?

Students are assigned tasks related to ongoing projects which introduce issues relating to processing and analysis of the biological profile, paleopathology, and mortuary analysis.

What will be required from you if you choose to participate?

  1. Attend a two-hour introductory lab workshop;
  2. Agree to spend three hours per week (per credit hour) over the 15-week semester.
  3. Instructor permission is required.

The lab is ongoing. Register for ANTH 479-006 Undergraduate Research to receive an upper-division anthropology elective credit that can be repeated. One credit hour equals 45 hours per semester, including readings and weekly meetings. For more information contact Dr. Cheryl Anderson at (208) 426-3241 or