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Evolutionary Connections of Humans and Other Species (ECHOS) Lab Group

Four students interacting with a dog at the Idaho Humane Society.

What will you learn from participating in this lab group?

  1. Explore the similarities and differences in the behavior, cognition, and emotion of humans and other species.
  2. Develop a One Health perspective toward the welfare of humans and other species.
  3. Experiment with the research process;  including reading, writing, brainstorming, data curation, analysis, and presentation to academic and general audiences.
  4. Take part in ongoing research or develop individual or group projects.

What will be required from you if you chose to participate?

  1. Attend weekly lab meetings (day/time determined at the beginning of each semester) and invest a total of three hours per week over the semester, often independently.
  2. Willingness to learn, attention to detail, and responsibility for completion of tasks when agreed.
  3. Instructor permission (email for a permission number).

The lab is ongoing and projects may vary by semester. Investigative techniques range from surveys to behavior observation work, ethnographic research to bioacoustics. For more information, or if students have a particular interest, they are encouraged to contact Sky Sobol or Dr. Shelly Volsche at


ECHOS Lab Group

In the ECHOS Lab, we explore the evolutionary foundations of behavior, cognition, and emotion and how these concepts connect humans and other species through interspecific and intraspecific relationships.

Visit our lab website to learn more