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Parenting, Reproduction, And Mating Strategies (PRAMS) Lab Group

In this lab group, we explore Parenting, Reproduction, and Mating Strategies (PRAMS) from an evolutionary perspective. This lab group is led by Dr. Kristin Snopkowski.

Each year, we focus on one area of research and students are able to select projects within that framework based on their particular interests.

What will you learn from participating in this lab group?

  1. You will read and understand the literature on evolutionary theory of human mating, reproduction, and parenting behavior (which are all interrelated)
  2. You will develop a research project, typically using secondary data analysis to test your question
  3. You will learn basic statistical analyses to analyze your results
  4. You will prepare a poster presentation or publication of your results

What will be required from you if you chose to participate?

  1. The lab will be 1 credit. You will need to email Dr. Kristin Snopkowski ( for a permission number
  2. A 1-hour meeting will be scheduled for each week based on student availability (this is determined in the week before the semester starts)
  3. You will be required to dedicate 3 hours/week to the course.