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Mental Health Resources

Resources for supporting mental health

Add these resources to your mental health toolbox!

Counseling Options

Individual Counseling

Counseling Services

Multi-Person/Couples Counseling

Counseling Services

Group Counseling (Free!)

Counseling Services

Support for Graduate Students


24/7 Crisis Counseling Text Line

TEXT "Home" to 741-741

Online Resources

Find your Balance

Exploring Wellness w/ BroncoFit

Grief Resources

Supporting you through your grief journey

Building Coping Skills

Learn more!

Building Resilience

Learn more!

Rethinking Stress Video

Join Peer Educator Madison!

Mindful Meditation Video

Discover the benefits of mindful meditation with Peer Educator Kendra!

In-Person Resources

Be Well Outside

Outdoor adventures, hiking and more!

Oasis Room

On-Campus Space for R&R

BroncoFit Events

More from BroncoFit!

Outdoor Program

Trips with Campus Rec!

Get Connected!

BroncoFit Mail

Stay connected with BroncoFit

Outdoor Wellness Mailing List

Stay Connected w/ Outdoor Wellness!

Health Services Instagram

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Supporting Others

The Reaching Out Handbook

A Guide for Faculty and Staff in Supporting Students

CARE Reports

Submit a CARE Report

Employee Resources

Employee Assistance Program

Visit Boise State HR