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COBE Writing Style Guide


The goal of the College of Business and Economics (COBE) Writing Style Guide is to present a standardized tool to help all COBE students become skilled writers. Skilled writers effectively consider context, audience, purpose, tone, style and form, and understand the process of writing. With guidance, practice, and constructive critiques, all students can improve and master effective writing skills.

This handbook is not all-inclusive of the intricacies of English grammar and composition. Many of the components of this handbook were compiled as a result of the annual outcomes assessment project and feedback from our business community about what they would like of Boise State University graduates. Thus, this guide concentrates on areas that may most benefit graduates in successfully integrating into the workforce.

APA style for Business Courses

The guide follows the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) 2010, sixth edition, the accepted convention for business courses. The APA manual is available for reference at Albertsons Library and the Writing Center.

Writing is integral in all disciplines. There are different types of writing, for different audiences and purposes. Whether writing a business email, a short report, a case analysis, or a longer research document, the process and formats will differ. Please note these differences as you work through this guide.

For business courses, this guide will provide a standard for the form and style of writing. These are guidelines that you can apply from class to class as you prepare reports, presentations and other communications. However, all standards have exceptions. Instructions from the instructor regarding a specific assignment or class, or conventions of the workplace, will always take precedence.