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We are here to help you create a great college experience

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Academic advising can help you form your educational and career goals. Based on your individual circumstances, personal development, and academic skills, advisors can provide information and support that will ultimately help you achieve your goals.
Review Information on “Preparing for an Advising Appointment” Find the latest Undergraduate Catalog (PDF)

Advising Overview

Advising FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what will transfer to Boise State University?

We have a Transfer Equivalency System to help students determine how classes from different universities will transfer to Boise State University. If you do not see a class listed, the class could be evaluated for equivalency by the department. A syllabus and course description is required for a department evaluation.

May I receive Credit for Prior Learning?

Please review these Examination Scores for various Prior Learning Credits.

Interested in applying to Boise State University or setting up a campus tour?

Find answers to these questions and more on the Boise State University Admissions site.

At Orientation, you learn all about what it means it to be a Bronco.  All new students need to attend an orientation!  Explore the new student orientations options.

Have questions on student fees, cost per credits, or need to set up a payment plan?

Contact Financial Services for questions about your account balances.

How do I Apply for Financial Aid?

Refer to the Boise State University financial aid site for assistance with the financial aid process.

Thinking about Adding a Minor or Changing your major?

We recommend this cool tool called a “What If Report” to determine how changes may affect your current academic plan.

How do I register for the CS Hatchery courses?

Refer to Peoplesoft for details of CS-HU course offerings next semester.

Search for CS-Hatchery Unit (instead of CS Computer Science) in BroncoWeb to find the list of Hatchery Unit courses offered.

Bronco Web Search Screen shot illustrating the Class Search "Subject" is CS-Hatchery Unit.

Please contact your CS advisor or the Computer Science department at with followup questions.

How do I appeal a Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) hold?

Refer to the Financial Aid site for information on How to Appeal a SAP Hold.

Can I repeat a course?

The BSU policy, and the exceptions, for repeating courses is located at, Course Repetition — GPA Relationship (Policy 3190).

What should I do if I wish to sign up for a course and it is full?

The wait-list is the primary instrument for assessing the unexpected demand for a course in any given semester. If you aren’t on the wait-list, your interest in that course is not accounted in the department’s planning.  Please be sure to sign-up on the course wait-list to ensure you have an opportunity to register if an opening becomes available.

If you are wait-listed, here’s what will likely happen:

  • Upper-level, required, undergraduate courses usually receive priority treatment. However, if another section of the course has seats, then that section *is* the priority treatment. Don’t expect another section to open.
  • Other (lower-level or elective) courses *may* be expanded, or another section opened, *if* feasible.
  • Instructors are not authorized to exceed the maximum seating capacity for a classroom — those numbers are fire-code and firm.

Do you have questions about your Requirements for Graduation?

We recommend referencing your Academic Requirements and Degree Tracker.

Helpful information can be found on the “Degree Tracker for Students” site.

If you have additional questions you should contact your CS advisor.

How do I Apply for Graduation?

Refer to the Apply for Graduation instructions on the Boise State University registrar site.

Can a course prerequisite be waived?

Department policies do not allow instructors to waive the prerequisites for undergraduate students. That said, there are some out-of-the-ordinary ways to satisfy a prerequisite:

  • If the prerequisites for a course have changed, there is *sometimes* a short-term window during which you may satisfy either the old or the new course prerequisites. Ask the course instructor if this is approved for your catalog.
  • Transfer students may have equivalent coursework from another university. Students can learn more at, Transfer Equivalency System (TES).
  • Second degree-seeking students may have equivalent coursework or knowledge that satisfies a pre-requisite requirement. Contact the department office for more information.
  • Graduate students may enroll in undergraduate courses with permission of the instructor.
  • BSU identifies a number of paths to receive credit for prior learning at, Prior Learning Credit. The registrar’s site explains how to challenge a course, and how Advanced Placement (AP) credit applies toward CS121 at BSU.

What courses satisfy the Undergraduate CS Elective Requirements?

Older catalogs do not identify the newer courses that may be taken as CS electives.  In most cases, you can substitute one of the newer courses for an elective in an older catalog by filing an Academic Adjustment Request in the department office after you’ve completed the course.  A current list of CS electives is located at: CS Electives.

Will any 500-level course apply towards my master degree program?

Please review every proposed course with your graduate advisor to determine if it will apply toward your degree — just because you’ve completed a 500-level course doesn’t mean it applies toward your degree program.

Does BSU have an accelerated Master's program?

Qualified students may apply up to two courses during their senior year toward both their undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

This is a great way to begin/explore a graduate program. You will find more information at, Computer Science Masters Degrees.

Where do I find forms to make changes to various areas of my academic career?

Students may have many changes to their academic career which requires official change process form be filled out.  For example, you may find it beneficial to change your catalog year, or request credit for prior learning, or apply for graduation, or determine Idaho residency…  these and many other forms can be found on the Office of the Registrar home page.  Student forms are listed in a searchable table.

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