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Success & Tutoring

Success isn’t just obtaining your degree, it’s gaining the academic and professional skills you need to utilize your degree. So make the most of the available resources to excel in your profession.

Kount Learning Center

The Kount Learning Center provides resources to help students succeed in their lower division computer science courses as well as develop techniques and tools to become more independent learners. Teaching Assistants are available through the Kount Learning Center for most required lower division computer science courses.

The Kount Learning Center is located on the second floor of the City Center Plaza building in room CCP 241. Access to the learning center is via card swipe for students enrolled in CS courses.

Contact us if you have feedback, concerns, or just want to give kudos to our teaching assistants.

CS 117 TA Hours CS 121 Tutoring Hours CS 153 Tutoring Hours  CS 221 Tutoring Hours CS 253 Tutoring Hours CS 321 Tutoring Hours

Academic Support Services

The Advising and Academic Support Center (AASC) coordinates advising and academic support services for students, faculty, and staff.

Academic Support Services site

Office of the Dean of Students

We recognize that your success in school is impacted by more than just completing school assignments. Our office provides a variety of ways to support you on your academic journey.

Best of all, all of our services are free to currently enrolled students!

Dean of Students site

Graduate Student Mentoring

Mentoring is vital to graduate students’ success. Students with strong mentoring relationships are more productive, more involved in the campus community, and more satisfied with their graduate school experience.

Graduate Mentoring at Boise State site

Graduate Student Success Center

The center provides writing consultation, deadlines, forms, and defense for the graduate.  This includes professional development opportunities, workshops, and writing assistance.

Graduate Student Success Center site


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