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Senior Design Projects

Photo of senior design team of three students standing next to their poster

All CS undergraduate students complete a senior design project in CS 481. Teams of four to 5 students combine to select projects from submitted proposals. These projects are small enough they can be completed in a little over one semester.

Companies like Balihoo, Clearwater Analytics, Cradlepoint, WinCo, Micron, and NGOs like the BLM and IDLA have all benefited from this program with most projects being monetized or employed by the sponsors after completion.

Explore a few senior design projects in the news feed below.

Senior Design Project Stories

Computer science students learn how to apply their skills outside the classroom
Pouring One Out for Charity
CS Students Design Adopt-A-Meal Site for Interfaith Sanctuary
CS Seniors Participate in 2015 COEN Senior Design Showcase
CS Seniors Participate in 2014 COEN Senior Design Showcase
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