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Internships and Jobs

An internship is a work experience related to the career you are planning to pursue. Internships in CS may be the most highly paid and frequently available internships at Boise State. While time and duration varies, many interns work ~15hrs/week while in school allowing adequate time for studies and then full time during breaks. Beyond the financial opportunity, internships provide experiential learning that allows student to employ concepts and theories in the real world. Interns have an increased opportunity to network in the professional community and get a good feeling for the culture and workplace at different companies. Additionally, you may choose to receive general elective academic credit for them although it isn’t required. When it comes to finding a place of employment after graduation, completing internships is one of the most important things you can do!

Finding Internships and Jobs

A survey from a few years ago found that by their Junior year, 80% of Boise State CS students had secured internships. For the class of 2016, 95% of graduates that didn’t go to graduate school were employed upon graduating. Of those students, 96% were employed locally. Boise State CS is clearly the partner of choice for companies in their research and recruiting efforts! See below on how to find out more about these opportunities.

James Price

“I’ve been involved in hiring at Clearwater Analytics for over 7 years, and one thing stands out as an indicator of how well a recent college graduate will do in an interview: Have they had a meaningful internship? That one factor is a better predictor of how a student will do in our interview process than the school they are attending or their GPA. It’s one of the main reasons we have a strong internship program each summer. It is the best preparation for students to excel outside of the academic world. Nothing will better prepare you for your first “real” job than a meaningful internship, where you contribute alongside everyone else. You learn a LOT, have a lot of fun doing it, and the best part is they pay you!” – James Price, Head of Development, Clearwater Analytics

Explore the BSU Internship Information site for details

Refer to the CS Internship page for additional CS Department Information

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