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Accessibility Information

Boise State is for everyone!

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Boise State is committed to creating a learning, working, and living environment that is fully accessibly for people with disabilities.

If you are a person with a disability, or are just interested in finding out more about the University’s commitment to accessibility, Boise State has the following resources available:

For Students

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The Educational Access Center provides leadership to the Boise State University community and guides achievement of the University’s goal of creating a high-quality educational experience for all students. The Educational Access Center empowers students to accomplish their educational goals by advancing access and facilitating independence.
Find out more about the Educational Access Center by visiting their website or calling (208) 426-1583.

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For Employees

Boise State University is committed to providing services to assist faculty or staff members who may require accommodation(s) to perform assigned duties of their position because of a disability. To request an accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), University employees are encouraged to contact the Human Resource Employee Relations Team.

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For Instructors

Developed and maintained by Instructional Design and Educational Assessment (IDEA Shop), Accessibility and Universal Design for Learning at Boise State provides faculty, staff, and students with information and other resources about electronic accessibility and the principles of universal design for learning, focusing on the influence of both on teaching and learning. For faculty, the site provides tips, techniques, and strategies for incorporating accessibility and universal design into  teaching and learning, along with such resources as whitepapers, webinars, and a Community of Practice. Staff and students will find on the site practical, current answers to questions on such matters as accommodation of students with disabilities, assistive technology, and campus resources. In addition, faculty can use the site to schedule consultations with instructional design consultants at the IDEA Shop, to discuss the pedagogical aspects of accessibility and universal design for learning.