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Conflict of Interest

A conflict of interest may exist where financial interest or other opportunities for tangible personal benefit may exert a substantial and improper influence over an employee in the exercise of their institutional responsibilities, including the design, conduct or reporting of research, decision-making in connection with a university business transaction, and commitments to students, trainees, and staff. For purposes of conflicts of interest, “employee” means any individual employed by the university, or any other individual serving as a principal investigator or co-investigator on a sponsored research project.

Boise State employees are subject to Idaho State Board of Education policies in addition to state law. Investigators are subject to specific federal regulations regarding research.

See Boise State’s official Conflict of Interest and Commitment Policy for more information.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure Resources

Employees must complete an annual disclosure within the first thirty (30) days of employment, and then annually between September 1st and  October 1st, and within 30 days of any material change to your circumstance.