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The Student Learning Institute

The Student Learning Institute provides time, space and resources for groups of faculty and staff involved in their program’s Program Assessment Reporting (PAR) process to investigate one or more aspects of student learning in their program. Over the course of one and a half days, program teams of 2-4 people will pose questions about student learning in their own programs, explore assessment approaches used by other programs at Boise State, and develop an action plan to answer their questions.

Institute Learning Outcomes

The Student Learning Institute supports the Key Principles of Assessment at Boise State, including creating a collaborative, collegial process and ensuring that assessment efforts are transparent and explicit. In addition, by the end of the Institute, participants will be able to:

  • Identify a question (or questions) about student learning that is meaningful for their program to explore
  • Draw from a variety of examples, from colleagues, of how to gather their desired student learning data
  • Reflect on how program assessment can be used to understand student learning


At the end of the Institute, participants will share with facilitators:

  • An action plan that details the question they will be investigating, the measures they will use, who will be involved in the process, and the timeline for completion (one per team);
  • A short reflection on what they learned about the process of assessing student learning, and how that will affect the assessment process in their program going forward (one per participant).


Programs are encouraged to apply with a team of at least 2-4 people, the majority of which should be faculty members. Participants who 1) attend the Institute and 2) submit their deliverables are eligible to receive $250 in professional development funds.

Please watch this page for 2024 updates