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Preseason watch list: Varsity players win various NACE awards

The fall 2023 esports season is only a few weeks away. With fans eagerly awaiting the Broncos to return to the digital playfield, various players have just earned awards from NACE (National Association of Collegiate Esports). NACE is a leading collegiate esports organization which organizes tournaments for universities across North America. Every year NACE gives out multiple awards in a variety of categories related to collegiate esports. These categories include everything from highlighting varsity players, to also showcasing the best casters and production teams. With these awards under their belt, these varsity players have earned a spot on the fall 2023 preseason watch list for Boise State Esports.

Boise State Esports Fall 2023 Preseason Watch List

Overwatch – Johnathan “Clear” Foraker
All NACE Overwatch Team

Overwatch – John “Chosen” Rinella
All NACE Overwatch Team

Overwatch– Jordan “Bagel” Whyte
NACE All-American Award

Rocket League – Emiliano “Durtho” Flores
NACE All-American Award

Player Details

Johnathan Foraker and John Rinella earned a spot on the All NACE Overwatch teams. All NACE teams are formed from top players across all universities, similar to all-star teams in traditional sports. Jordan Whyte and Emiliano Flores also won the NACE All-American award for 2023. Whyte, Foraker, and Rinella won awards for their performance with the Boise State Overwatch team, and Flores for his work with the Rocket League team. These four varsity players for Boise State Esports already have an impressive esports portfolio.

Jordan Whyte, known by his screen name “Bagel”, currently sits as a support player on the varsity Overwatch team. John Rinella, known as “Chosen” also serves as support. Johnathan Foraker, known as “Clear” is a tank player, but often serves in a flex role, or as head coach Doc Haskell says, “Any dang thing I tell him to do.” The Overwatch team has always been a top contender at various tournaments nationwide. The most notable achievement the team got was winning the NACE national championships last fall.

Boise State Overwatch players hold up the trophy for the CECC West Regionals.
Boise State Overwatch players hold up the trophy for the CECC West Regionals.

Emiliano Flores, known by his screen name “Durtho”, had an outstanding first year performance on the Rocket League team. In his first year, Boise State won the Mountain West RL championship with a perfect winning record, won the CECC west regionals, and made it all the way to CRL Worlds this summer. In addition to winning his new All-American award, Durtho was also named CRL Rookie of the Year.

emiliano flores at crl worlds
Emiliano Flores at CRL Worlds. Photo credit Tracey Makwakwa.

Moreover,  all four players are returning to the Overwatch and Rocket League teams this next semester. Be sure to be subscribed to Boise State Esports Twitch and Youtube pages for all upcoming broadcasts staring these outstanding players.

Written by Jacob Palmer