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Work-study is an award that allows you to work on campus and earn a regular paycheck.

Benefits of Work Study

Some benefits of work-study include:

  • Your job is convenient – it’s easier to get to work on campus between classes.
  • You’ll gain valuable work experience and build your resume with professional experience.
  • FICA tax is not deducted from your earnings, so you’ll have more take home pay than a comparable off-campus wage.
  • Campus employers make your education a priority and design work schedules around classes.
  • Every dollar you earn is a dollar you won’t have to pay back later.
  • Work-study earnings are deducted from your income on future FAFSAs, so you could be eligible for more aid.

Please review information below on this site for program details. If you still have questions, email us anytime at

Work-Study Overview

Awarding Work-Study

We offer automatic, initial awards each year in late April or early May for students who meet eligibility criteria for the upcoming fall semester. Priority is given to students who earned work-study in the previous year, followed by those who indicate they are interested in work-study on their FAFSA. After initial awards are made, we award any remaining funds to students from our waitlist in date order of when the requests are submitted. If offered, you will receive an email to accept your award.

Add yourself to the waitlist, if you have not yet received an award.

Please submit a Work-Study Request if you are interested in receiving a work-study award. Reminder: We have limited work-study funds and are unable to award all students that are eligible.

Please only submit your information if you have filed a FAFSA, will be enrolled in 6 or more credits, and have remaining need on your account. The formula to determine your remaining need is:

Image of Budget, Resources and Need page in Student Center.
You Cost of Attendance (direct and indirect costs) determined on your FAFSA. In this example, the estimated need is $40,880.00 minus the total aid of $8,245 leaving a remaining need of $32,635.

Remaining Need = Cost of AttendanceExpected Family ContributionAll Other Awards (except for all undisbursed loan amounts)

  • After you have done the formula, a positive number would indicate remaining need.

NOTE: Submission of this form does not guarantee that you will receive work-study funding.