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Boise State Military Programs

Tuition Assistance Promise

The TA Promise awards additional funding for current military members using Federal Tuition Assistance in Boise State’s fully-online programs.  Read about eligibility below to determine if you qualify!

Using TA at Boise State

How does it work?

Military Tuition Assistance + TA Promise = 100% coverage

Apply to Boise State and enroll in courses within your degree plan with the help of your advisor

Request Tuition Assistance from your branch then submit your approved document to us online

We apply both your Tuition Assistance and TA Promise funding to the balance on your student account

Students must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Be an Active Duty, National Guard, or Reserve military member
  • Be enrolled in courses within one of the select online undergraduate degree programs or courses within the Online Degree Pathway
  • Be approved to receive Federal Tuition Assistance from their branch for each course

Who can get the TA Promise?

Students in the following online undergraduate programs:

Interdisciplinary Professional Studies

Bachelor of Arts

Business Management

Bachelor of Business Administration

Public Health

Bachelor of Arts

Integrated Strategic Communications

Bachelor of Arts

Imaging Sciences

Bachelor of Science

Let's Talk

Connect with the Military Programs team to determine if you qualify for the TA Promise, get information on how to utilize your military education benefits, talk about the benefits of fully-online programs and more.

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Please note that our ability to meet in person is temporarily suspended due to COVID-19.

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