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Help for ArmyIgnitED users

Army Tuition Assistance Guidance

Army students use ArmyIgnitED to request TA for their college courses.  The system is new to students, schools, and base education centers, so we appreciate your patience as we navigate the process together.

Please reach out to your station’s Education Center for assistance with setting up your ArmyIgnitED account.

Status Update

What you should know

  • We are now accepting screenshots of approved TA from the ArmyIgnitED system for the Summer 2022 term! Please upload your screenshots to the TA Submissions Page
  • We have processed the bulk of Tuition Assistance for 2021 semesters and Spring 2022.  If you are missing Tuition Assistance for one of these semesters and you are showing you have approved TA (indicated by a green checkmark), please contact our office.
  • For many students, the approved TA amount that you see in ArmyIgnitED will not be the amount that we are actually allowed to apply to your account balance.  Students in fully-online programs can receive $250 per credit, but full-time students in campus-based programs can only receive up to $2,766 per semester (Fiscal Year limits still apply) per the Army’s policy.  Please refer to the ‘how is tuition calculated?‘ section below for more information.
  • Currently, ArmyIgnited has relaxed their TA deadlines and is still using the Exception to Policy (ETP) tool to automatically request TA for some students.  In future semesters, you will be responsible for finalizing your course schedule with Boise State and manually requesting TA in ArmyIgnited before the semester begins.  You can request TA between 60 and 5 business days before the start date of classes.

Creating a TA Request

1:  Select Request Tuition Assistance under your Education Path area

2:  Select the courses you would like to request TA for.  If your courses for the upcoming semester are not populating, we have not yet uploaded them in the system.

3:  Select ‘submit request’;  Please be aware that the ‘your tuition cost’ amount is likely incorrect.  Refer to the ‘How is tuition calculated?’ section below for more information on what amount you can expect to actually be applied.  You will be notified via email when your Education Office has approved your class(es).

How do I access my TA?

A logo showing a location marker leading up to a graduation cap logo

Create your Education Path in ArmyIgnitED

Select your degree program then choose Boise State as your school

Checklist logo

We will upload your Degree Plan

This lists out all courses needed to satisfy your degree requirements

*Please read the announcement above carefully

A hand pressing a button logo

Request TA for your upcoming classes

Choose the classes from your Degree Plan and fill out the information needed to request funding

What do I need to know?

Coins logo

Army TA will provide up to $4,000 per Fiscal Year

Federal Fiscal Years begin on October 1st and end on September 30th

To inquire about the State Educational Assistance Program (SEAP), contact your installation’s Education Office

A calendar with time logo

You are responsible for requesting TA on time

ArmyIgnitED will permit you to select classes for funding between 60 and 5 business days prior to the class start date

To view these timeframes, select the Army tab on our TA webpage

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TA only pays for tuition costs

Books, class fees, and other fees cannot be covered by Federal TA

Keep an eye on the balance shown in your Student Center

How is tuition calculated?

The amount that the Army will pay for is set by the State of Idaho.  You can receive up to $2,766 per full-time semester for campus-based degree programs and $250 per credit for classes in fully-online degree programs, including the Online Degree Pathway.

View our schedule of tuition and fees

Other fees you may see

Other resources

How to view your degree requirements

Find your AAR

Tuition Assistance FAQs

We've got answers

Get in touch

We understand that navigating your military benefits can be tricky, but we’re here to help.  Contact us if you need additional assistance:

(208) 426-4230

Manually entering course information

A:  Course reference number (not the section number) this is the class number on your class schedule

B:  Subject, abbreviated like shown in your enrollments (example COMM)

C:  Catalog number (example 101)

D:  Number of credits the course is, also called “units” or “semester hours”

E:  Full title of the course (example Fundamentals of Communication)