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New Employees

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New Employee Checklist

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New Employee Resources

Starting a new job can be challenging, and you may have lots of questions.  Below is some helpful contact information to help you get started.

Human Resources

Phone Number: (208) 426-1616

Questions related to hiring, paperwork, benefits, time reporting, and payroll.

Transportation and Parking

Phone Number: (208) 426-7275

Questions related to campus parking lots, the Bronco Shuttle, and alternate transportation.

Campus Security

Phone Number: (208) 426-6911

In case of emergency, always call 911.  For general security questions, call (208) 426-1453.  The office is open 24/7 and also provides security escorts on campus.

Payroll Department

Phone Number: (208) 426-4440

Boise State University makes every effort to ensure our employees are paid correctly. Occasionally, however, inadvertent mistakes can happen. When mistakes do happen and are called to our attention, we will promptly make any corrections necessary. Please review your pay stub when you receive it to make sure it is correct. If you believe a mistake has occurred, or you have any questions, please use the reporting procedure found on the payroll webpage.

Other Resources to Help You Transition to Your New Role

Compliance and Policy Review

As a new Boise State employee, there are specific documents, policies, procedures, and training that you are required to read and understand to help you be successful in your career at the University. To that end, Boise State University requires you to complete a Compliance Certification. All new employees will receive an email invitation to complete the Compliance Certification.

To view the full Boise State University Policy Manual, visit

Complete Benefits Paperwork

Boise State University is committed to offering a benefits package that provides health and financial protection plans as well as resources to promote health and well-being. Our program provides flexibility so you can choose the benefits that are right for you and your family.

Benefits are an important part of your total compensation: Be sure you get the most out of them!

For more information on benefits, visit or call (208) 426-1616.

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