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Career Pathways

The path that individuals take into careers can vary tremendously depending on major field of study, years of experience, and occupational standards, licensure, or requirements. This dashboard shows the pathways that students have taken from the department of their major to their career.

The dashboard shows, unsurprisingly, that certain majors tend to pursue specific careers (e.g., Nursing BS to Nursing career), but the the data also highlights that alumni from Boise State have not been constrained by their chosen major in pursuit of a variety of careers.


  • The results contained in this dashboard are limited to alumni who had publicly available information on their employment/career. The results DO NOT provide calculated rates of employment/unemployment or data reflecting all alumni (such as number of alumni employed by a particular organization or company).
  • Results may be limited depending on the years of interest and fields of study as certain professions may not utilize online career portals as much as others and, thus, may have lower match rates.
  • Given these limitations, results should be interpreted with caution and considering the full context of available information.

Source: data from EMSI project; career/employment data reflects information obtained in early 2018 and includes Boise State graduates up through December 2017

Pathways by Department

Accessibility Notice

The Tableau interactive dashboards presented here are built with accessibility needs in mind. However, if you need help accessing the results displayed in the data visualizations, please call (208-426-1575) or email (