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Use of Trademark(s) by Vendors of the University

Vendor providing services/goods to University under contract

A third party business who has or had a contract with the University may make that factual statement in its marketing materials.  Unless there is a separate agreement, there must be no implication of sponsorship of or endorsement by the University of the third party’s goods or services, or vice versa.   This includes testimonials, case studies or other publications or stories about the relationship between the University and the business.

If a third party business wishes to use the University logo in its materials, it must be either in relation to an approved specific article about Boise State University or must appear with at least 3 other customer logos.  For example, a vendor may include our logo among a list of their other customers, provided that the use of our logo is consistent and the same size with the other logos used on the marketing materials.    If Vendors wish to use images of the University in marketing materials, approval from the Office of Trademark Licensing and Enforcement ( must be obtained.

Vendor proposals to provide services/goods to University in response to an RFP/RFQ

Imagery of the University and the University’s trademarks may be incorporated in proposals that are customized specifically for the University, without separate approval.  However the vendor is responsible for obtaining all necessary copyright clearances for any photographs used.

University Signature Mark to be used

In all circumstances, unless the company is an Athletics Sponsor and has a contract with Bronco Sports Properties, only the University Signature Mark may be used (not the Athletics Bronco logo). The logo can be downloaded on the Brand Standards website.

Ideally, any marketing or promotional materials that are published or presented which use the University logo should be submitted to, so that we have record of the use and to ensure that the usage is in accordance with the above.

Company hiring event space

Companies who host events on campus, for example at Stueckle Sky Center or in the Student Union Building, may not use University logos or images of the University or other identifiable indicia, unless the event is sponsored by the University and that artwork is approved by the University.   The promotion of third party events that are not sponsored by or in partnership with the University, may of course reference that the event is being held on the campus of Boise State University with details of the venue.  No use of the University name, logos and other indicia is permitted that incorrectly implies a relationship with the University  such as a sponsorship, endorsement or other association.

Third party business wanting to offer discounts to Boise State students, faculty or staff:  Any company may offer a discount to Boise State students/staff/faculty, but there must be no implication of endorsement, sponsorship of or by or affiliation with the university of the company.   To this end, the university does not authorize the use of school logos, images, colors and other indicia in relation to such promotions, unless the company is a sponsor of the university.  Any reference to the discount should be factual.  For more information about becoming a sponsor of the university please visit Licensing: Corporate Sponsorship   Please also note that sending of unsolicited email to Boise State students, staff and faculty is not permitted under Boise State policy.