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make lectures more engaging with polling

iClicker serves as Boise State’s standard student response platform for instructors who want to engage students during class. The iClicker mobile app is the recommended solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I export iClicker session results?

To export all sessions in the session history, click “Export All” in the Session History dashboard.

Visit our knowledge base for instructions on how to export an individual session’s results.

How do I delete an iClicker course?

See our knowledge base for instructions on deleting an iClicker course.

How do I run an iClicker polling session?

  • Click the green “Start Session” button on the Course Dashboard.
  • The course dashboard is replaced with the master toolbar, which floats above all other programs on your computer screen. Click the “Polling” option to toggle the polling toolbar.
  • Start and stop polling by clicking the round start/stop button on the polling toolbar. A screenshot of your computer desktop is automatically saved to the cloud and sent to student devices when polling is started.
  • Show the results and mark the correct response(s) when polling is stopped. Correct/incorrect feedback is immediately sent to student devices.
  • Close the master toolbar to end the session and return to the course dashboard.


How do I add an iClicker course?

See our knowledge base for instructions on adding a course.

How do I participate in a polling session?

Once you have the course added to your account, you can participate in a polling session for the course by clicking “join” when your instructor starts a session.

For more detailed instructions, visit our knowledge base article on participating in polling sessions.


What is the difference between iClicker Cloud and iClicker Reef?

iClicker Cloud is the platform instructors use to conduct polling, quizzing, and attendance sessions during class, and to manage results and grades from those sessions after class.

iClicker Reef is the mobile/website application students use to participate in polling, quizzing, and attendance sessions. It can be accessed on mobile devices, tablets, or laptops.

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