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Student Course Evaluations

Welcome! Online Course Evaluations is a web-based system for evaluating the vast majority of courses at Boise State University. Students are asked about characteristics of the course and instructor to provide information for improvement. Log in below to get started!

Log in to Bronco Course Evaluations

Log in using the button and enter your Boise State username and password to access My Evaluations.


Questions, comments, or concerns? Contact:

View current schedule for course evaluations

Once the deadline has passed to complete your course evaluations, there is no extension period available.

Evaluating your courses

  1. Log in to the Course Evaluation system to see the courses you can evaluate and those that will soon be available for evaluation. If you’ve taken courses in multiple terms, they’re shown in separate sections of the evaluation page.
  2. Click the Evaluate! button of the course you want to evaluate.
  3. If the evaluation form has multiple pages, click Next or Previous as needed to go to the next or previous page of the form.
  4. To save what you’ve entered so far and close the form so you can continue working on it later, click Save at the bottom of the page, then click Go Back.
  5. When you’ve completed the evaluation form, click Finish.
  6. You’re returned to the landing page, and the evaluation you just completed is moved to your “Completed Evaluations” list.
  7. Repeat steps 2–4 until you’ve completed evaluation forms for all your courses.
Bronco Course Evaluations Page

Here is an example of your course evaluation page:

Note: You have the option of declining to evaluate the course. To do so, click Decline at the bottom of the page.

Evaluation Confirmations

You should receive a confirmation that you completed evaluations at the end of the day that you completed it. If you do not receive one, there are a couple things to try:

  • Search your email account for emails that have “Receipt of Course Evaluations” (use quote marks around the string). That should find the email if you simply missed it, or if it was caught in your spam filter.
  • You can log back into the course evaluation system. On your homepage, you should see the courses that you completed evaluations for marked as such. If your instructor needs confirmation that you completed the evaluation, take a screen print, then compose an email to your instructor, and paste the screen print into the body of the email.

End of Evaluation Period

The current evaluation schedule indicates when evaluation periods end. Once an evaluation period has ended, it cannot be re-opened.


Can I reset my course evaluation?

You are able to reset and retake your evaluations as long as the evaluation period is still open. You should log back in to the evaluation system and use the reset option.

Why is my course missing?

Two possible reasons:

  1. Over 95% of courses are included, but there are various classes that are not evaluated, usually ones which are very small or very different types of classes.
  2. On rare occasions, a class is missed in the upload. If you think the class should be evaluated, let us know which one, who’s teaching it, and who you are at

Is my feedback really anonymous?

Yes, your feedback is completely anonymous. When the evaluation period ends, the instructor will receive a summary report of the evaluations that does NOT include identifying information on any individuals. Nor is there a way for them to get identifying information on the individual by logging into the system or requesting it from the vendor.

The course evaluation is closed and I did not complete it. Could you reopen it for me?

No.  Once the evaluation has passed, the evaluation cannot be extended.

I have not received my receipt yet for completing my evaluations.

The emails are sent out by end of day so please wait until then to be sure. Also check your spam folder for your confirmation receipt.

If the evaluation period is over then you can not fill it out.

If the evaluation period is still open, then it could be a browser cache issue. Please clear your browser cache, or use another browser.

Who reviews the course evaluations that I fill out for my instructor?

The instructor is notified immediately after the grade submission deadline that they can view the compiled course evaluation results. In addition, the department chair can view the evaluation results for instructors of classes in their program.

You are welcome to reach out to the Department/Department Head at any time to schedule an appointment and discuss your concerns with them if you feel like it’s necessary, however, they will see the evaluation and the feedback left regarding the instructors in their Department as well.

I withdrew from this class but I still received an evaluation for it. Should I fill out the evaluation?

Sometimes there is a delay in processing withdrawal information.  Please do not worry about completing that course evaluation.

I logged into my Bronco Course Evaluations but I don't see any surveys set up for my classes. I was wondering when these surveys will be uploaded and whether I can add questions to these surveys.

The course evaluation period has not started yet.  Please see the schedule we set up at: to learn when they will be ready.

Why do Course Evaluations close before the course is finished?

We agree that it only makes sense to place the evaluation period as late as possible in the semester. However, we are constrained by the fact that faculty members start submitting grades during this week and it is important that the evaluation period be completed before grades are posted. Also, some faculty do not give final exams, and so begin to post grades at the beginning of finals week.

Course Eval Logo

If you have any additional questions, please see the CourseEval FAQ.