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Digeco 2024

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The Digital Ecosystems (DigEco) Conference is back! Boise State’s Learning Technology Solutions team is relaunching the Digital Ecosystems Conference this fall. Inspired by the efforts of the Governor’s Higher Education Task Force, the event now addresses how digital technology empowers post-secondary education across all of Idaho. The goal of Digeco is to bring together a wide variety of staff and faculty to meet, discuss and learn about the digital tools that shape the changing educational landscape.

Matters of affordability, access, and quality seem ripe for discussion as instructors, students, instructional designers, technologists, IT professionals, and state leaders grow increasingly aware of the digital resources available for teaching and learning. We have designed this year’s programming to rouse meaningful conversations about the opportunities afforded by digital tools, the innovative work happening across Idaho’s academic community, and the potential advances that arise for education when industry and academe work together.

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