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Product Evaluations

Learning Technology Solutions (LTS) provides critical services to the Boise State campus community. We manage and support Canvas, Zoom, Panopto, Blue course evaluations, Qualtrics survey software, and more. We evaluate and reevaluate our tools with accessibility, security, privacy, pedagogical impact, financial sustainability, and ease of use in mind.

If you have a favorite instructional technology for us to pilot, submit your proposal to the Boise State Educational Technology Incubation Committee (ETIC). ETIC provides funding, support, and a cost/benefit and scalability analysis for selected pilot projects.

Evaluation Summaries

ProductDisposition StatusLast EvaluatedSummary of Evaluation
Bodyswaps simulations In progress2024Boise State University participated in a research trial partnered with Carnegie Melon University and Meta to test the efficacy of Bodyswaps, a virtual reality simulation tool for soft skills development. The research called upon College of Business students to evaluate a single module and report back their progress and how the software might help improve soft skills. Analysis of the results is in progress.
H5P interactive multimedia In progress2024LTS is evaluating H5P, the H5P Smart Import tool, and the LTI plugin to allow seamless integration with Canvas. H5P is an interactive content creation tool for educators and creators, enabling easy development of engaging, web-based activities like quizzes, presentations, and games.
iClicker polling/responseInstitutionally supported2024In 2023, LTS began an evaluation of student polling solutions, with McMillan Learning’s iClicker being the existing supported product. The evaluation compared iClicker against other potential solutions (primarily Poll Everywhere). After a year of surveys and pilots, LTS recommends that Boise State continue to support the partnership with iClicker as the standard/preferred student polling solution for the foreseeable future.

Learn more about iClicker.
Turnitin AI detectionNo institutional support2023Turnitin, Boise State’s LMS-integrated plagiarism/originality checking tool, quickly developed an AI-detection feature. Boise State had access to this tool since April 2023, but after December 31, 2023, the AI detection feature was only available in higher tiers of Turnitin licensing (we had the first-tier, LMS-integration license). Learning Technology Solutions staff recommend we do not purchase an upgraded Turnitin license that includes AI detection.
Packback AI-generated feedbackNo institutional support2023Individuals from Boise State’s AI in Education and Educational Technology Incubation committees explored and discussed the potential of an enterprise Packback license. Packback uses AI to improve student writing and save instructors time. The tool has compelling features, and the company’s commitment to research-backed design is commendable; however, due to concerns related to how the design of the tool could minimize student/instructor interaction and overall cost/benefit for the university, it was not recommended that Boise State invest in an enterprise license of Packback.
Gradescope assessment platformInstitutionally supported2023Gradescope by Turnitin streamlines grading workflows for paper-based exams and assignments, online homework, programming projects, and it integrates with Canvas. Gradescope equips faculty with tools to reduce bias, increase consistency of grading, and provide personalized and prompt feedback. Initially piloted with the Mathematics and Chemistry department with great success, Learning Technology Solutions recommended a global license available university-wide.

Learn more about Gradescope.
Perusall shared annotationsInstitutionally supported2023Perusall has been the university’s educational annotation tool since July 2021. Instructors use it for class activities where students comment on, edit, or otherwise mark up a shared document, website, or other resource. One compelling example is a course where students annotate the class syllabus. Instructors find this to be a much more engaging and collaborative way for students to read and understand course expectations. In 2023, we compared the functionality, integration options, notable features, and cost between, Google Workspace, Canvas Annotation, and Perusall. Alternative tools paled in comparison so LTS recommended the university stay with Perusall.

Learn more about Perusall.
Canva graphic designNo institutional support2022Boise State University reviewed several popular graphic design software applications ranging from free to paid. Canva is free, easy to use, and suited to collaborative work. Due to accessibility issues, Canva retaining control over intellectual property, and the possibility of a Canva account getting deleted by the company at any time, Learning Technology Solutions recommended that Boise State not support this tool.

Review our graphic design tool comparative analysis.
Blue course evaluationsInstitutionally supported.2020Since 2011, Boise State used CollegeNet’s “What Do You Think” (WDYT) for course evaluations. In 2019, with stakeholder feedback at the forefront, LTS formulated requirements and issued a request for information to several vendors in the course evaluation space. Two products were selected to move forward in the search. After product demonstrations, Blue by Explorance was chosen by committee as the preferred product and the only one that could provide significant improvements in our core areas: reporting, system administration, and student experience.

Learn more about Blue.
Panopto video managementInstitutionally supported2019After a comprehensive evaluation of potential solutions Panopto was selected as our university video management solution due to its web-based editing, classroom capture, and environment management features and capabilities.

Learn more about Panopto.

Full evaluation reports may be made available on request. Contact