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Video Transcript – Inside the LMS: How Canvas Supports Teaching and Learning in Higher Ed

Video Transcript

[Narrator]: The Canvas LMS is all about saving time, engaging students, and encouraging innovation through openness. Here’s how: Canvas is easy for everyone to use, which saves everyone time. Sharing content and building a course is as easy as dragging and dropping files. With the time you save, you can focus more on collaboration. Both instructors and students can create groups in Canvas, where students have all the tools they need to work together. And since we believe learning doesn’t stop when you leave the classroom, students can use Canvas anywhere, on any device with web access. They can even use the Canvas Skill for Amazon Alexa to check in. With our open Edu App Center, instructors easily bring the best of the digital world into their courses and create custom learning experiences. Since it’s not always obvious which students are struggling, or why, Canvas makes it easier to spot students who need help. Analytics let you explore deep performance data and track students’ progress. When it comes to providing feedback, can record video anywhere anytime use it to make your assessments richer and more human. And with Speedgrader, you can easily tie outcomes to your grading. Come see how Canvas is changing the face of learning environments and helping higher ed institutions (and students, admins, and teachers) innovate and prepare for the future.