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Directory Services and 911 Listings

  • Online directory information is used for the university switchboard and online directory.
  • 911 directory information is used to associate telephone devices to a physical building and room location.
  • Department ID and Project Grant numbers are required for telephone services, postage and mail charges, and Printing and Graphics charges.

Before You Make Changes

Telephone and Network Services staff are responsible for all university telephone operations.

IP telephones at the university have a portability feature that allows a phone to be moved to a new location and maintain functionality without initiating a Telephone Service Request. Softphone users can also move offices without submitting a request. This portability presents the problem of maintaining accurate 911 information.

It is the responsibility of any individual who moves a University telephone to immediately provide updated 911 information. This responsibility is not transferable.

911 Directory Information Changes – Required for Phone Moves

While softphones and IP telephones can be moved around and remain fully functional, moving presents a problem of maintaining accurate 911 information.

If 911 responders don’t know where you’re located, that’s a bad thing.

It is the responsibility of anyone at Boise State who uses a softphone and changes location or moves a telephone to immediately provide updated 911 information in the online Campus Directory. (You may also provide updated information through Help Desk Self Service.)

If an individual moves their own phone, the individual is responsible to update the location.

If an IT staff member moves a phone for a supported client, it is the department’s responsibility to update the information. This responsibility is not transferable.

Online Directory Changes

Student employees and graduate assistants will not appear in the directory. Changes can be made online.

Caller ID Directory Changes

Caller ID (telephone display) information changes should be submitted through Help Desk Self Service.

Need Assistance?

For more information, contact the Help Desk at (208) 426-4357,, chat, or Help Desk Self Service.