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Student Services

Boise State’s online programs are funded a little differently than their on-campus counterparts so that we can give you the lowest per-credit prices possible without additional fees. Because of this, there may be restrictions on the types of services you can access.

Explore the lists below to see services and possible restrictions for students enrolled in alternatively funded programs.

Services without added fees or restrictions

Academic Support
This includes services such as academic advising, tutoring and other academic support services
Virtual Career Services
Access to Handshake, career planning and development, virtual career counselor, career assessments, job-search assistance, graduate school information
Educational Access Center
Academic accommodations for students who have temporary or permanent disabilities
Library Services
Full services available to all students including remote access to library databases and digital collections
Orientation Services
Full services available including online orientation
Student Employment
Eligible to apply for student positions
Veterans Services
Full services available including access to Veterans Upward Bound (eligibility requirements may apply for VUB but no added fees)
Writing Center
Full services available including email consultations

Services with added fees or restrictions

Associated Students of Boise State Student Assembly (ASBSU)
Eligible to participate in elections and student assembly
Eligible to receive a Student ID, additional fees apply for processing
Eligible to use kiosks, but must pay per page
Recreation Center
Eligible to participate, must purchase Rec Center pass
Intramural Sports and Outdoor Recreation
Eligible to participate, must have a current Rec Center pass, additional fees may apply
Children’s Services
Eligible for service, must be registered in six credits for discounted service
Counseling and Mental Health Services
Full services available, fees apply (bills health insurance except for Medicaid/Care and VA)
Parking Services
Permits and general parking available for additional fees
Student Apartments and Housing
Eligible to apply for housing, additional fees apply

Services that have restricted use

Associated Students of Boise State Legal Services or Funding (ASBSU)
Not eligible for free legal service or club/organization funding
Athletic Tickets
Do not receive free student or discounted student guest tickets – may purchase general admission tickets