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Research Labs

Human and Organizational Performance/Effectiveness

Our HOPE research lab has two main research streams:

  1. human and organizational performance improvement and
  2. online teaching and learning improvement in diverse contexts.

We are interested in applying HPT models and principles to real workplace performance problems and employ advanced statistical analyses and data-driven approaches to solve complex learning and performance problems by designing and developing interventions. We help decision-makers make an informed and evidence-based decision. In addition, we also seek to address challenges and issues of online learning and performance (e.g. self-directed learning, motivation, transfer of learning) in order to enhance student learning experience and performance. Our research topics evolve as the HPT field grows.

Marginalized and Cross-Cultural Research & Design Learning Tech Group

Our lab focuses on how empathetic design-based thinking can improve learning and development (L&D) initiatives in global organizations working across cultures, developing a diverse workforce, and sometimes in support of marginalized groups. We are interested in addressing organizational development needs or opportunities, with the efficient and effective design of workplace learning technology, to deliver better results. We use a variety of methods (e.g., interviews, questionnaires, surveys, extant data) to understand these needs or opportunities, and employ evidence-based interventions, to support L&D or change performance.

OPWL Action Research Lab

The Knowledge for Action Virtual Research Lab (K-Act Lab) is committed to research for change. While research methods often stress knowledge generation for its own sake, this lab harnesses evidence-based research practices that pave the way for better learning, performance, increasing opportunity, and improving the conditions in which we work and learn. It was created expressly to support students and others who want to build research experience and expertise in a supportive community. While they may explore a wide variety of topics, the projects in this lab are grounded in Human Performance Improvement.

Process Management Lab

Steve Villachica

Steven Villachica, Ph.D.
Associate Professor OPWL

Rob Anson

Rob Anson, Ph.D.
Emeritus Professor of Information Systems

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The PML helps small to mid-sized nonprofit organizations build internal infrastructure to achieve missions and serve their communities. Consulting for good, we bring faculty, graduate, and student expertise to nonprofits who otherwise could not afford them.

Workplace-Oriented Research Central Lab

Yonnie Chyung

Seung Youn (Yonnie) Chyung, Ed.D.

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Dr. Chyung and her WORC research teams have been working on projects with various topics such as:

  • Survey Design and Scale Development
  • Evaluation
  • Organizational Performance Improvement
  • E-learning and Social Media