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University Vehicle Services FAQ

About WEX Fuel

Why use WEX Fuel Cards?

Using WEX fuel cards will save your department up to 6% in fuel costs.

What do I do if my WEX fuel card declined at the pump?

Make sure you are using the correct PIN. If the fuel card(s) still will not work prepay inside. If you are still unable to purchase fuel you have two options:

  1. You may contact WEX Fuel Management at (208) 803-4812 or Fleet Management at (208) 426-3592.
  2. Or you may pay with personal funds and you will be reimbursed.

Do I have to enter in the correct odometer reading at the pump?

Yes, this is imperative for record keeping and to prove fuel transactions are acceptable.

Can I create generic PINs for my staff e.g. driver #1, driver #2, and driver #3?

No. Generic PINs do not allow anyone to know who is purchasing the fuel.

Can I use an equipment card to fuel a vehicle and vice versa?

No. Equipment cards are used to fuel equipment and vehicle cards to fuel vehicles.

How do I request a WEX fuel card?

You may email Boise State WEX Fuel Management at or call Whitney at (208) 803-4812 or Fleet Management (208) 426-3592.

Request a WEX Card

How do I request a WEX PIN?

You may contact your Business Manager for your department, email Boise State WEX Fuel Management at, or call Fleet Management (208) 426-3592.

Request a WEX PIN

How long do I need to keep hard copy fuel receipts?

It is good practice to keep hard copy fuel receipts for one year and then have the receipt scanned and archived should you ever need it for a fuel audit.

Fleet Vehicle Services

What is the physical address for the vehicle shop?

What is the labor rate for maintenance and repairs?

  • Effective July 2019

How do I pay for the work?

Your department will be billed through the university internal billing system approximately 30 days after the work is completed and submitted for billing.

I need clarification on a bill. Who can I talk to?

Contact the Fleet Services office at (208) 426-3592 and we can provide details and explanations.

Do I need to schedule an appointment for all repairs?

No.  You can come to the repair shop at 1356 University Dr. and a staff member will look at the problem. The fleet staff can schedule the repair if needed.  Small repairs can often be performed while you wait.

How much does the pickup and delivery of my vehicle cost?

It depends on location, time of day, traffic, etc., but typically it requires 30 to 45 minutes. It requires two people to pick up and deliver most vehicles.

What do I do if I have a vehicle related problem in the evening or on the weekend?

First, contact Fleet Services at (208) 426-3592.  After normal business hours please contact Campus Security at (208) 426-6911 and they will contact a fleet staff member for assistance.  If the vehicle needs to be towed, for safety or other reasons, please contact Boise Valley Towing at (208) 389-9707. Have the vehicle towed to Fleet Services at 1356 University Dr.  Boise Valley Towing will contact Fleet Services the following day for payment.

Refer to the After Hours section for contacts and protocols.

How often does my department vehicle need to be serviced?

Generally speaking, vehicles are inspected and/or serviced every six months or 6,000 miles of use.  High use vehicles are serviced more frequently.

Do I need to monitor mileage and calendar to schedule my vehicle?

No, typically not. Fleet Services will contact departments based upon calendar dates and mileages determined through internal records.  There is “Service Due” cling sticker in the upper left windshield indicating the next calendar and mileage date when service is due. If the vehicle is nearing either of these key indicators fleet services appreciates a phone call or email informing us of the service needed.

Is your work guaranteed?

Yes. If the failure is the result of a defective part all work is warrantied for the length of the part warranty, which ranges from 30 days to one year.

What is the experience level of your staff?

Four ASE Certified Master Auto Technicians with a combined work experience of eighty plus years. Numerous certifications for each technician for specialty areas.

Can Fleet Services work on personal vehicles?


Are there ways to reduce the cost of my service or repair?


  1. If the unit can be delivered and picked up by your department this can save you $20 to $30 per request.
  2. Maintaining vehicle cleanliness is required to maintain a favorable public image. If your department cleans the vehicle we will not perform that task at the time of the scheduled service, saving you as much as $35.
  3. Air quality compliance testing is required every two years of ownership. The recharge cost for performing this task is $35 (one hour), but it can easily be accomplished by anyone.
  4. Report noises, leaks, damage as soon as you notice them. A relatively simple repair can escalate to an expensive repair easily if not addressed. We will gladly perform a check of any concern for no charge. Simply call or come by the fleet shop and ask any of the staff to ‘take a look’.

How many vehicles are on campus?


Do I have to take my vehicle to Fleet Services or can I go off campus?

No, as State property, the determination for in-house versus outsource services is made at the Fleet Manager level.

How do you compare cost wise against outside shops?

Typically we are 40%-50% less than outside vendors on an item by item basis. We are not incentivized to upsell services and products. Our goal is to perform all tasks and procedures with the intent of providing dependable, affordable and appealing vehicles.

Why does the university charge for vehicle repairs and services?

We are not fully funded through appropriations from the legislature.

What is an A service?

The A service occurs every 6 months or 6,000 miles and may include a road test. We also perform an oil change, check lights, tires, seat belts, and add fuel conditioner. Air filters are replaced as needed, and tires are rotated as needed. We complete a visual inspection under the vehicle to ensure there are no other concerns, like leaks, damage, etc.

What is a B service?

The B service occurs every 24 months or 12,000 miles and includes all items on the A service checklist. The B service also includes a comprehensive road test, and a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle’s brakes, battery, charging system, cooling system, suspension, and safety equipment. It also includes an oil change, air filter, and fuel filter, and fuel conditioner.

Other questions

Please feel free to call us at (208) 426-3592 or contact us at with any additional questions you may have related to Fleet Management Services or Motor Pool Operations.

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