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Walking Directions

  1. Follow the sidewalk going North, facing the same direction you were when you crossed the street. 
  2. You can find the line where the grass meets the concrete on the left side of the sidewalk. However, be aware that it is frequently broken up by planter and benches.
  3. In about 400 feet you will reach a staircase on your left. Move past this first staircase and continue North.
  4. After about 100 feet more, you will find a second staircase to your left leading to a bus stop.
  5. Turn right and cross the sidewalk.
  6. Once across the sidewalk you will find stairs leading up to glass double doors.  
  7. Walk up the stairs and go through both sets of double doors. 
  8. Welcome to the Student Union Building.
  9. Walk forward for about 50 feet and turn left. 
  10. Follow the hallway for approximately 150 feet, past the Starbucks coffee on the left and the smoothie shop on the right. 
  11. After passing these shops, there will be a large desk on the left. This is the information desk.


Here is your task.

First introduce yourself to the Information Desk and tell them that Candice sent you. Now ask them, how do you show your Bronco Pride?