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I Bleed Blue

Walking Directions

  1. Exit the way you came in. 
  2. Once outside the double doors, walk down the stairs and turn right. 
  3. Follow the sidewalk heading North. 
  4. The main sidewalk will veer to the left a bit, making your direction more Northwest than North. 
  5. When you reach the curb, you will need to use the crosswalk to cross the road. Cross Theatre Lane. Use caution, there are no street lights for this crosswalk and this can be a busy intersection. 
  6. Once across the street, turn right and walk for several feet until you find a sidewalk planter full of lavender. 
  7. Turn left and move to the right side of the sidewalk where the concrete meets grass. 
  8. Follow this line down the sidewalk. The grass will break a few times with concrete intersections. Pass the first four intersections and continue to follow the grass line down the sidewalk. 
  9. When you reach the fifth concrete intersection, cross the intersection. On the right, there will be a sign post and a display map. Continue past these until the grass starts again. Continue Northwest for several feet until you reach a large pole.

You just located another blue light. 


Here is your next riddle.

In order to throw it, 

You’ll need a hand. 

It never goes far, though, 

And it might not land.