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I Bleed Blue

Walking Directions

  1. Come back out the way you came in. 
  2. Once out the double doors. Turn left and start walking.
  3. After several feet the sidewalk will turn slightly to the left. Find your way to the right of the sidewalk where the grass meets the concrete. Follow this path to the Northwest for approximately 650 feet.
  4. There will be three times the path is broken by another concrete path on the right. Continue past these options, moving Northwest.
  5. The fourth time the grass stops, continue moving forward until you find the next area of grass. Crossing the fourth intersection.
  6. Once you have found the next area where the grass meets the concrete, turn left and move to the Northwest for about 50 feet. 
  7. You will find the next blue light where the grass ends.


Here is your next riddle.

In order to throw it, 

You’ll need a hand. 

It never goes far, though, 

And it might not land.