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Diagnostic Medical Sonography Emphasis

Diagnostic Medical Sonographers direct high frequency sound waves into the body to obtain medical images that assist physicians with the diagnosis of disease.  Sonographers must possess excellent interpersonal communication skills, strong critical thinking skills, and significant hand-eye coordination.

The Boise State Diagnostic Medical Sonography campus-based bachelor degree program is five semesters long, consisting of integrated classroom and clinical education.  The student is responsible to provide transportation to and from their assigned clinical sites.

A schedule of the current university enrollment fees, financial aid and student housing information can be obtained on the Boise State Admissions website or by calling the Boise State Admissions at 208-426-1156.

National Registry Examinations:

Both credentialing agencies, ARRT and ARDMS, assess the ethical standard of all applicants.   Criminal convictions may prevent the applicant from taking the certification examinations.  Applicants should refer to each agency’s website for clarifying information. Visit the ARRT website for more information here; or Visit the ARDMS website for more information here.

More Information about Sonography:

For More Information Contact:

Anastasia Tracy
Office:  208-426-5045
Fax:  208-426-4459