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Sonography Curriculum

Diagnostic Medical Sonography Emphasis

Junior Year Fall SemesterIMGSCI 305 Human Resource Management in Health Care3
IMGSCI 315 Health Informatics in Imaging Sciences3
IMGSCI 404 Study of Diseases in Imaging Sciences3
AMI 204 Patient Care and Assessment for Medical Imaging3
AMI 330 Introduction to Sectional Anatomy2
Spring SemesterAMI 300 Pharmacology3
HLTH 210 Health Services Administration OR PUBH 210 Health Services Administration3
HLTH 300 Pathophysiology4
IMGSCI 310 Public Health3
IMGSCI 312 Information Technology for Imaging Professionals1
IMGSCI 314 Health Law and Ethics3
AMI 234 Introduction to Clinical Experience1
Senior Year Fall SemesterAMI 400 Advanced Modality Case Studies (FF)2
AMI 410 Clinical Experience I4
AMI 460 Sonographic Physics & Instrumentation3
AMI 461 Abdominal Sonography2
AMI 461L Abdominal Scanning Lab2
IMGSCI 408 Sectional Anatomy in Imaging Sciences3
Spring SemesterAMI 410 Clinical Experience I4
AMI 462 Obstetrics/Gynecology Sonography3
AMI 463 Doppler Procedures2
AMI 463L Doppler Procedures Lab
HLTH 365 Quality Improvement and Performance Management OR PUBH 365 Quality Improvement and Performance Management3
HLTH 382 Research Methods in Health OR IMGSCI 382 Research Methods in Imaging Sciences3
Summer SemesterAMI 411 Clinical Experience II6