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Workshops and other Faculty Development

The Service-Learning Program provides several professional development and grant opportunities to faculty and staff to support service-learning and civic engagement.

Upcoming SL Workshops (see below)


SL Faculty Learning Communities

  • The Service-Learning (SL) Faculty Learning Community (FA21/SP22) is designed for faculty who are new/newer to Service-Learning (SL), including instructors who are designing or revising a new SL class or teaching an established class that already includes SL. The FLC will inspire and equip faculty to use SL best practices in a manageable way. Participants will attend six cohort meetings, participate in an observation of one another’s classes, and produce a deliverable (like a syllabus, revised assignment, or a different way of evaluating or reflecting on SL and its effectiveness). Participants who complete all portions for the Service-Learning Faculty Learning Community will receive a $300 stipend.
    The Service-Learning FLC will meet in person (or Zoom) for six 90 minute sessions spread over fall and spring semesters. The fall dates are Wednesdays at noon on 9/8, 9/ 29, 10/27, and 11/17.
  • Full list of SL faculty learning communities (intensive, drop-in, or individualized)

Upcoming Workshops



  • Mixers for Faculty/ Community Partners. The SL staff coordinates events for faculty and CPs to meet and build rapport. SL staff are on hand to connect people. The signature events coincides with the Student Exhibition during deadweek. Find dates at the SL Exhibition website.