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Create a Poster for the SLx

Get started on creating your poster by checking out the poster templates. They are a great place to start.

 Optional Poster Templates

If you choose to not use a template, you will need to submit your poster as a Google Slide link.

Posters must be submitted with dimensions of 48×36 inches, and they must include the information already provided in the poster templates. 

Check out the Poster Tip Sheet for some helpful hints!

Use the Poster Submission Checklist to ensure you have all included everything you need.

Check out the Featured Submission examples from past Service-Learning Exhibitions to get idea on starting your work.

***The main presentation for service-learning students submitting work to the SLx, is a poster UNLESS your professor instructed you differently OR you pitched an idea to the Service-Learning program.

If you would like to pitch the idea of submitting a piece of artwork, a video, or another creation to the Service-Learning program, then email us at We will be happy to work with you on how you can complete this project another way.

What You Need To Submit Along With Your Poster

Written Summary

Additional Submission Requirement

Photography/ Video Release Form

If applicable


The Service-Learning program will use the poster evaluation rubric to decide if your work will be accepted into the Service-Learning Exhibition (SLx).

Service-Learning staff will notify you whether your submission was selected.

Submit Your Work!

Questions: contact Service-Learning
(208) 426-1004