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University Shared Services

University Shared Services is a centralized department of financial transaction experts designed to improve efficiency, reduce compliance risks and provide support for all campus colleges. Shared Services’ current function and primary focus is to provide transactional support for procurements and payments to all campus departments.

What’s New

To schedule a consultation meeting with Shared Services, contact

The initial meeting will involve an open-ended discussion about your department’s needs and possible ways that Shared Services can help. From there, we will tailor a plan that best fits your needs.

Shared Services Intake Form

How does University Shared Services support campus?

We support department needs across the university through a transactional and consultative approach by ensuring compliance of purchasing on state and university policies.


  • Full P-Card order and reconciliation.
  • P-Card reconciliation services.
  • REQ submittals.
  • Invoice Payment submittals (Non PO).
  • New supplier invites to Payment Works.
  • Additional Financial Services will be implemented.


  • Provide transactional knowledge and expertise to campus.
  • Allow departments and faculty to focus on their mission by spending less time on learning and processing transactions.
  • Dedicated customer service representatives.
  • Access to team of experts who are up to date on current processes.
  • Provide consultation on purchasing policies to departments.