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Gary Moncrief

Dr. Gary Moncrief Portrait

Emeritus Faculty
University Distinguished Professor
Department of Political Science

Phone: 208.426.3686
Office: ERB 3143
Mail Stop: 1935

Research Interests

Dr. Gary Moncrief is a University Foundation Research Scholar and University Distinguished Professor of Political Science.

Dr. Moncrief received his undergraduate degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara and  Ph.D. from the University of Kentucky. In addition to serving on the BSU faculty for over 30 years, he has been a visiting professor at the University of Washington and Rutgers University. Dr. Moncrief has published six books and more than 55 journal articles and book chapters on various aspects of state politics — especially state legislatures. Dr. Moncrief is a frequent speaker at meetings and workshops for state officials around the country.



State Legislatures Today, second ed.

A concise and provocative introduction to state legislative politics, State Legislatures Today is designed as a supplement for state and local government courses and upper level courses on legislative politics. The book examines state legislatures and state lawmakers, putting them in historical context, showing how they have evolved over the years, and differentiating them from Congress. It covers state legislative elections (including the impact of redistricting, candidate recruitment, etc.), the changing job description of state legislators, legislatures as organizations, the process by which legislation gets produced, and the influences upon legislators.


Why States Matter

When it comes to voting, taxes, environmental regulations, social services, education, criminal justice, political parties, property rights, gun control, marriage and a whole host of other modern American issues, the state in which a citizen resides makes a difference.


Reapportionment and Redistricting in the West

Reapportionment and Redistricting in the West Cover

Dr. Moncrief published his book Reapportionment and Redistricting in the West in 2011. In Reapportionment and Redistricting in the West, Dr. Moncrief brings together some of the best-known scholars in American state and electoral politics to explore the unique processes and problems of redistricting in the western United States.

In February 2012 Dr. Moncrief was interviewed by Boise State Public Radio’s Samantha Wright about his new book.

More of Dr. Moncrief’s publications can be viewed on ScholarWorks.


Beyond the Blue: Congressional Redistricting: How the Process Works
Reapportionment and redistricting are an integral, and often controversial, component of the American political process. In this podcast, Boise State professor Gary Moncrief discusses the important terminology and theories involved, as well as the history of redistricting in the United States, and how redistricting issues are different in various regions of the country.