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Julie Vandusky-Allen

Julie Vandusky-Allen

Assistant Professor
Environmental Research Building 2159
(208) 426-1458

Office Hours: Tuesday 12:00-2:00PM

Courses Spring 2019

  • POLS 398: Advanced Political Science Methods
  • POLS 423: Latin American Politics
  • POLS 426: European Politics


Julie VanDusky-Allen received her Ph.D. in Political Science in August 2011 from Binghamton University. She currently teaches courses in comparative politics, American politics, and research methods. With respect to research, she focuses mostly on how political parties adapt to institutional limits on their power. She also examines how US troop deployments influence foreign policy decision-making in other countries. Additionally, Julie received a Fulbright research scholarship to gather data and teach in Mexico City during the 2008-2009 academic year.

Selected Articles
The Localized and Spatial Effects of US Troop Deployments on Host-State Defense Spending
Article published in Foreign Policy Analysis

The Conditional Effect of Term Limits on Electoral Activities
Article published in Politics and Policy

Bicameralism and the Logic of Party Organization
Article published in Comparative Political Studies

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