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Julie VanDusky-Allen

Julie Vandusky-Allen

Assistant Professor
Environmental Research Building 2159


Dr. VanDusky-Allen’s research within comparative politics focuses on formal and informal institutions, political parties, legislative organization, political participation, and support for and satisfaction with democratic outcomes.

Dr. VanDusky-Allen is also a member of a collaborative research team that examines government responses to COVID-19 throughout the world.

Within international relations, Dr. VanDusky-Allen’s research focuses on how US troop deployments influence host-state defense spending.

Selected Articles

Clientelism by Committee: The Effect of Legislator–Constituent Relationships on Legislative Organization. Political Research Quarterly, May 31, 2019

COVID-19 Policy Response and the Rise of the Sub-National Governments, Canadian Public Policy, December 2020

The Effect of Partisan Representation at Different Levels of Government on Satisfaction with Democracy in the United States. State Politics & Policy Quarterly,  April 22, 2021

The Localized and Spatial Effects of US Troop Deployments on Host-State Defense SpendingForeign Policy Analysis, October 2016

How America’s partisan divide over pandemic responses played out in the states. The Conversation, May 12, 2021

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